A Journey To A New City by Abdus Salam

      The Sky looks fairly blue.It is a wonderfully different setting of nature. It is a bit like a day which is overwhelmingly still and calm just to feel.The air swims over my young mind and the new green leaves of trees.Time allows the sun to rise and to develop.How really comes this! It is nothing but a journey; nothing but a dream of the journey.A big long dream.I love to like it.Life rushes to life to dream and more to dream finding no route to go. So journey goes on.I like it as everyone in a life does. But this journey is not a normal one that we generally do.It is right the one where there is no vehicle to carry us to this new land. I take a girl with me.She had a heart that used to care me a lot. BY breaking me fully for making me a wholly new one she loved a bad boy like me.

As a friend, She was pretty simple and plain but unusually charged with talent and dream.Saying not a single word She comes fast to respond to my high longing to travel. It was a new city of love, peace, wisdom and liberation.It was not a normal city like Dhaka, Delhi, London and Washington D.C.People full of intelligence and dream only get started this great journey, but nobody still never ever touches at the heart of the city.It is a new city of good and god, truth and love. All people are good here.  They are working for the higher dopamine which will be better and brighter than the ordinary human brain.It is a city of truth to break all old forms of life in order to reform. One here hurts nobody.Even no one sheds a single drop of tears in grief.They smile here to greet people. Here people rush not for money but for making a man long standing happy and funny.Trust is high in this city.Nobody ventures to break the trust.People love trusting people.Everyone deserves honor and love.

‘How do you travel to the new city? asked my girlfriend. We‘ll go there by thinking deeply and accurately to its every step we put.There are countless cities within the great city like the pretty paradise that dear God promises us to offer.The first city we’ll visit is the city of awakening. Here everybody always attempts to win over dark power like inertia and all sorts of lust.Inertia comes out of sex of both male and female.The form of sex is wonderfully pretty looking and inviting.It is really hard to check.Because, it is sweet to five senses like ear, eye, nose, tongue, and skin. So sex hits deadly to these five senses first. It wants you to blind and to throw you back to the land of senselessness and hopelessness of a fairly disappointing life.Again it has rich color and so many beautiful images to be tempted to love.It comes to get birth and rebirth from generation to generation in the days to come.The second city we wish to visit is a great big city of consciousness over our body, mind and the world.It is the direct connectivity to the waves of properties of electro-neuron with the superpower of God. Its another name is bio-electron.It is pretty much mightier and finer than simply an electron of any type.It is biochemically full of life coming from another highest source of divine life to make our mind, body and the whole universe aware of force and power.we can take it as bio-electro-magnetic power or God-particle.Physically we have to transform ourselves into the particle of God.Once again connectivity with divine God ‘ll have to be built up with the force of our own God Particle that we possess in our material body.Only then we deserve the right link to Almighty God.Hi !what is the third one city you want to mean? My girlfriend asked me again.  But the topmost point of the brain contains divine love that is really endless and soul-satisfying. You’ll have here the color of another life and joy. But You don’t know how many days and years it takes you to visit the land.The third one is your elevated mind .your elevated mind is nothing a new one. It is like your ordinary old mind.But it is full of basic experiences.This is how it comes to a new birth.I takes really a new look better and brighter than the ordinary mind you had earlier.For instance, it is like a girl who later, becomes a mother charged with highly motherly affection or like a boy charged with highly fatherly affection.It is the same girl as developing into a full mother in shape, in nature, and in behavior.Physically she is a  bit more different than the pretty little girl she was at the age of five. Our body simply grows old. It generally loses its luster of youth in the old age.Our hairs turn grey and skin wrinkles at heavyweight of old age. But our mind gets brighter and brighter every day you pass. The more days we pass with the new experiences, the brighter our mind becomes.   There is an endless insight out of millions and millions of ones in our mind.We can regard it as liberating insight.We have to free all mankind from all troubles they experience in their way of life by appointing this insight. With orderly and wisely plotted manner along with the highest integrity, we’ll have to perform the job.It needs a steady and concentrated force to do it.Changing all moods of actions, words, and thoughts with highly skillful mindfulness we have to focus on this liberating insight.It is million times brighter than the sun we enjoy in the whole day, or the full moon we enjoy the whole night.It takes a steadier and more concentrated awareness of conscious material mind force to attain.Everyone should be deserving of love, peace, liberation, and wisdom. Then what is the love you want to mean? Smilingly she asked me. Love is life. It is simply five senses of our material body.It is conscious and unconscious activities of our sensory perception.where there is no image of the body, no love stands on it.So life is love and love is life.And then what is peace? She asked me again.When the need of our body and mind are fully met, real peace drops on the sandy ground of our mind at this time.God is the Lord of the human mind and the mind is the lord of the human body.Both are closely connected to each other.Because God is love and love are God.This is only a term that philosophy and science can illustrate. What is liberation? She asked me once again.Barrier crossing high power is the liberation.Allsorts of barriers to the life force that creates anything new and good need to cross.Liberation is a turning point for glory.Ourmind should be liberated from all negative aspects of life force.But what is wisdom? Wisdom is the practical experiences in life.It might come accurately either in physical or in mentally.One experience is likely to have from different angles both in materially and spiritually.No branch of knowledge breaks this point of order. All‘ll come to the same point with the same experience but with different forms.Truth can never be false and right can never be wrong.The experiences of a student and the same things of a teacher must have different.The wisdom of teacher is highly likely to be brighter than a green learner .So wisdom comes out of considerable experiences we daily confronts in different activities in life.This is what we highly experience in our professional jobs.Hello! Mithila! Listen to me.Yea.I’m devotionally listen to you. It sounds really good to me.But these are wonderfully some awesome cities to visit with you. You are a bit different. The journey you make must be different. I think it is pretty hard for me to continue accompanying with you. Because your route is a route to the untrodden land. It is a new transcendental world. It is kept still standing unexplored to all.But I feel really scared to go to the unknown areas of thought. It is only because, I ‘m a girl. I might get lost in thought finding even no route to return to the normal state of life.Who’ll make me return to this present state of life I lead if I fail for the first time to come back? Besides it takes a long meditation pointing to a higher thought and super insight.It is really the job of the great men who want a big change for the higher joy.They always think big for the big.The endless paradise is stipulated for their luck.God’s particle belongs to them. They are naturally blessed ones.Their connectivity towards God is deadly hard.what they say is what God himself speaks.They turn themselves high power mouthpiece of God.It assiduously comes out of spiritual force of wisdom.It is a strange light.It is mightier and hotter than the lighting that flashes in the dark-grey cloud in the sky. It is speedier than light and higher than space. It is brighter than the fire of the sun.It is heavier than human suffering.  Wisdom is much finer than what I experience within my physical mind to illustrate in front of you.

By-Md Abdus Salam

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