February 2019 YouTube Creator Monthly Newsletter of ICT Service BD

New *month*, new you – consider it officially proclaimed. Whether your New Year’s resolutions are still going strong or if they’ve started to (ahem) drop off a little, we want to help you make goal-getting a yearlong kinda thing.
So, we’re shooting over some resources to help you out with any YouTube-related goals. Want to make more money, build deeper connections, or level-up your channel? We’ve got plenty of new videos and courses to help you get there.
But first… a quick note from our CEO, Susan.


Take a few minutes, watch a few videos, and learn how to up your game in 2019. There are tons of educational materials to help you out:

Make money

Learn the basics of monetization and how to start making money with your channel. There’s a full-fledged course, plus new intro and overview videos.

Discover new ways to make money

The new way to make some extra cash: Super Chat, channel memberships, and more. Get the low-down on all the other ways you can make money besides ads.

Up your entrepreneurial skills

Our business-building course, revamped. Get details on establishing, branding, promoting, and operating your business at scale.

Stay connected

Watch a quick tutorial on adding Stories to your creative repertoire to give your viewers more of a behind-the-scenes look into your life.

Go international

Learn how to add localized captions to your videos and reach out to different audiences across the world. Plus, you can take advantage of captions + Autoplay on the homepage to hook new viewers.


Seattle-based artist Peter Robinson (sometimes known as Ten Hundred) specializes in murals inspired by world cultures, cartoons, anime, street art, graffiti, and more. His work is colorful, bold, and often large (one of his murals is 165 feet long!). You can find his murals across the globe, in places like New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City, and Tokyo, Japan. Want to catch a glimpse of one?

Stay inspired,
Team YouTube

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