The Super World

I wish to fly not with my wings but with my power of mind like a mighty pretty dream that
generally takes and glides me so a long far to the land of beauty and love.It needs super melody of thought and great meditation to transmit my mind to a super citizen of a super world that is far beyond of my ordinary material world like this. This is really a prettier world where people are so simple with no a bit pride at all with their power, knowledge,money, device and arms to kill a single human being.I think this is a first physical world and physiological transition of physical world is a real development of mankind.But people often get mistake to define material development.

What we see with our material eyes is development of the first world not truly the advacement of the super world at all.

1.What is the super world according to the view of the writer in the story?
2.How can a man go to a super world?
3.How does the super world look like?
4.When does a man hope to step up to the super world?
5.What is the point of view of the writer in the story?

By- Md Abdus Salam

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