Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

This textbook for courses in electrical principles, circuit theory, and electrical technology takes students from the fundamentals of the subject up to and including first degree level. The coverage is ideal for those studying engineering for the first time as part of BTEC National and other pre-degree vocational courses, especially where progression to higher levels of study is likely, as well as Higher Nationals, Foundation Degrees and first year undergraduate modules.


Revision test 15-8
Capacitors and capacitance6
Singlephase series a c circuits15
Magnetic circuits24
Revision test 38-3
Semiconductor diodes11-11
Singlephase parallel a c circuits11-16
Revision test 629-20
The superposition theorem29-23
Thévenins and Nortons theorems27
Series resonance and Qfactor28
Revision test 1074
Maximum power transfer theorems and impedance matching34-27
Revision test 1134-44
Alternating voltages and currents41-14
An introduction to electric circuits12-2
Revision test 212-32
Electrical principles and technology12-37
Operational amplifiers17-27
Revision test 517-50
Meshcurrent and nodal analysis20-31
Advanced circuit theory and technology69
Revision test 825-44
A c bridges25-61
Application of complex numbers to series a c circuits42-24
Resistance variation43-3
Threephase induction motors43-22
Application of complex numbers to parallel a c networks43-25
Parallel resonance and Qfactor43-29
Electrical measuring instruments and measurements44-10
Transients and Laplace transforms44-36
Revision test 920
General reference20
Introduction to network analysis30

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TitleElectrical Circuit Theory and Technology
AuthorJohn Bird
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PublisherRoutledge, 2007
ISBN1136440771, 9781136440779
Length692 pages
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