Fri. Jul 19th, 2024


ICT Service BD is a dynamic organization committed to empowering individuals through the transformative potential of Information Communication & Technology (ICT). Our mission is to facilitate seamless global access to ICT services, revolutionizing daily lifestyles through training, support, and the generation of income via internet utilization. At ICT Service BD, we believe in the power of ICT to reshape the way people live and work, and we stand as a catalyst for this change. Our comprehensive range of services spans hardware, software, and website development, alongside expertise in 3D technology, networking, outsourcing, and affiliate marketing. Furthermore, we contribute to the digital landscape with the provision of free-access news portals and entertaining content. Geographical barriers cease to exist with ICT Service BD, as we extend our support from any corner of the globe. Whether you seek professional training or aspire to collaborate on ICT projects, our dedicated team is here to facilitate growth, innovation, and success. Join us on a journey where technology becomes a powerful tool for personal and professional advancement.