How do I start a YouTube gaming channel without money?

It’s a bit difficult to get in the YouTube gaming scene this late, but not impossible. The main thing to remember is being unique, engaging your audience, and showing your energy. Try practicing your commentary or talking to a camera before recording videos, it will help overcome the initial awkwardness we all feel when shouting happily at a camera, and help you feel more genuine to the audience. You can use programs like Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to start off with recording.

While you don’t necessarily need a face cam to start, you’ll definitely want a decent mic and pop filter when you can afford it. Popping, clicking and background fuzz is the huge turn off for people there to hear your commentary.

If you can, position your desk so your facing your closet, or a sheet you’ve hung before recording. This will eliminate some of the natural reverb that echos through your room, and consequently, back into the microphone.

For games, you can browse through the ‘Free to Play’ section on steam, and see if anything catches your eye. Things like the yearly Steam sale or Humble Bundle are also good places to find something of higher quality at a discount.

Trying looking for other small YouTubers or Gamers you can go multiplayer with. It brings more publicity to your channel (and theirs), and people generally find the added dynamic between two players entertaining.

As you keep going and save up money, you’ll be able to upgrade along the way. (Which is a MUST if you want to build your audience) You can buy an OK condenser mic for 30–40 bucks, and a cheap pop filter for 10–15 off Amazon. If your looking for a webcam, I’d personally recommend Logitech. Their fairly inexpensive, very reliable, and you can get one with decent quality for 35-ish (720p), or 55–60-ish (1080p).

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