3,350 Express Entry candidates will receive invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence in the 111th Express Entry draw on February 20th, 2019. The minimum CRS cut-off score for this draw is 457.

  • Draw Number: 111
  • Draw Date: February 20th, 2019
  • Number of Invitations Issued: 3,350
  • Minimum CRS: 457
  • Program Specified: None
  • Tie-breaking rule: December 6th, 2018


Express Entry candidates were excited by the previous draw that boasted the lowest CRS score in over a year, with a cutoff of only 438 points. Unfortunately, the CRS score cutoff has jumped up to 457 points in this week’s draw. Thankfully, there is a good explanation for this.

IRCC normally conducts Express Entry draws every two weeks. However, there was a break of three weeks between the last draw and this week’s draw. This likely had some impact on the CRS score increase. Additionally, this draw issued only 3,350 ITAs, while the majority of draws in the past year have issued 3,900 ITAs. This drop likely also contributed to the increase in the CRS score, as with fewer candidates selected, those selected must be more competitive.

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Draw #DateNumber of ITAs IssuedLowest CRS score
111February 20th, 20193,350457
110January 30th, 20193,350438
109January 23rd, 20193,900443
108January 10th, 20193,900449


Draw #DateNumber of ITAs IssuedLowest CRS score
107December 19th, 20183,900439
106December 12th, 20183,900445
105November 28th, 20183,900445
104November 15th, 20183,900449
103October 29th, 20183,900442
102October 15th, 20183,900440
101October 3rd, 20183,900445


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Draw #DateNumber of ITAs IssuedLowest CRS score
111February 20th, 20193,350457
110January 30th, 20193,350438
109January 23rd, 20193,900443
108January 10th, 20193,900449
107December 19th, 20183,900439
106December 12th, 20183,900445
105November 28th, 20183,900445
104November 15th, 20183,900449
103October 29th, 20183,900442
102October 15th, 20183,900440

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The Super World

I wish to fly not with my wings but with my power of mind like a mighty pretty dream that
generally takes and glides me so a long far to the land of beauty and love.It needs super melody of thought and great meditation to transmit my mind to a super citizen of a super world that is far beyond of my ordinary material world like this. This is really a prettier world where people are so simple with no a bit pride at all with their power, knowledge,money, device and arms to kill a single human being.I think this is a first physical world and physiological transition of physical world is a real development of mankind.But people often get mistake to define material development.

What we see with our material eyes is development of the first world not truly the advacement of the super world at all.

1.What is the super world according to the view of the writer in the story?
2.How can a man go to a super world?
3.How does the super world look like?
4.When does a man hope to step up to the super world?
5.What is the point of view of the writer in the story?

By- Md Abdus Salam

Intel appoints a new CEO: what can we expect from Intel’s future?

Intel, the world’s chip maker leader, has changed its headmaster. The giant named Robert Swan as their new CEO after a seven-month search for the perfect candidate to fill the position.

More so, Intel also elected Swan to be a part of their board of directors.

Who is Robert Swan, the new Intel CEO?

Robert Swan. Source: Engadget.

Robert Swan was Intel’s CFO since 2016 and also server as Intel interim CEO since the company started to look for a new leader in early 2018.

Swan was adamant he didn’t want the job. He only stepped into the interim role after former CEO Brian Krzanich decided to resign over a problematic relationship with an employe. Such relationship violated Intel’s company policy.

Rampant speculation pointed Intel would name a new CEO during its earnings call last week. However, that didn’t happen.

During that time, Swan said on the call that the company was still looking for the perfect candidate. He added: “I am convinced the board will close on a new CEO shortly. In the meantime, we will not be distracted by the void.” He also sent an open letter for Employees to Partners on his first day as a CEO.

A new leader for Intel

Investors, PC build enthusiasts, and other tech-related professionals would have to pay a closer look to Swan.

Swan will steer the company through supply issues and the problems it’s been having with its 10nm process nodes. Even more, Swan reaches the position just after AMD becomes the innovation leader in the chipmaker market by building and selling the first 7nm chips inside their AMD Radeon GPUs.

So far, Intel keeps saying their 7nm process node will be ready for late 2019 retail launch.

Plans for the future?

Intel’s vice president of finance and director of corporate planning and reporting, Todd Underwood, will step up the company’s interim CFO until Intel begins searching for a new man to fill that position.

Regarding the new CEO, Intel chairman Andry Bryant said:

Bryant explained Swan was the best choice to direct Intel into the path of evolution. Swan already did an “outstanding job” as the company’s interim CEO for the last seven months. Swan’s results reflected on Intel’s great 2018 sells, as well as their advance towards stackable chiplets, a technology that could give Intel a significant edge over its competition.

Bryant also assures Swan’s performance, knowledge in the business, and command of growth strategies has given Intel respect from their customers, owners, and colleagues.

However, Intel’s stock was down 2.5 percent right when Swan was appointed as new CEO.

We will be waiting for Swan’s exact results by the end of 2019. One of its most significant tasks, as I said, is advancing on the 7nm process nodes. If not, Intel risks substantially falling behind AMD and Nvidia.

More so, Nvidia is also working on their next-gen processors, called “Ice Lake.” It’s still unclear wheater or not these processors will feature 7nm technology.

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Facebook Search Shows Photos of Your Female, but Not Male Friends

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform around the globe, used by users young and old. Recently, a Belgian security researcher stumbled upon a weird glitch in Facebook’s search function that only let him search for photos of his female friends but not his male friends.
This glitch was discovered by Belgian white-hat hacker Inti De Ceukelaire.

This glitch – reported on Twitter earlier this week – has been corroborated by others too, such as the The Next Web, which reports that it was able to replicate this glitch across various Facebook accounts. We were also independently able to replicate the glitch.
The report explains that when you type “photos of my female friends” into Facebook’s search bar, you’ll get a series of random photos from your female friends. However, when the moment you type in the same search string but replace “female” with “male,” you’re presented with a series of random photos from across Facebook.
It’s also reported that these random photos typically came from groups and accounts that that they did not follow.

This is certainly a strange glitch, which no one seems to have found until now. However, this isn’t the first time De Ceukelaire has shot into the limelight for such discoveries. Over the part few years, this white-hat hacker has been notorious for pulling many pranks, but all with the intention of exposing security and privacy limitations in the everyday services that we consume.
In 2017, De Ceukelaire reportedly used Facebook’s private search functionality to extract the personal email of the current First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

However, in the case of the Facebook search bug, De Ceukelaire tells The Next Web that he came across this glitch purely by chance. “I found that I could no longer filter by men, but it was still possible to filter by females,” said De Ceukelaire. Now that this is out in the open, let’s see how long it is before Facebook fixes it.

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More Google employees are losing faith in their CEO’s vision

The annual internal poll, known as Googlegeist, asked workers whether Pichai’s vision of what the company can achieve inspires them. In response, 78% indicated yes, down 10 percentage points from the previous year. — AFP

Alphabet Inc’s Google became the most-profitable Internet company by recruiting talented technologists and inspiring them enough to keep them around. 

That advantage may be slipping as some workers increasingly doubt the leadership and vision of chief executive officer Sundar Pichai, according to recent results from an employee survey. 

The annual internal poll, known as Googlegeist, asked workers whether Pichai’s vision of what the company can achieve inspires them. In response, 78% indicated yes, down 10 percentage points from the previous year. 

Another question asked if employees have confidence in Pichai and his management team to effectively lead Google in the future. Positive responses represented 74% of the total, an 18 point decline from a year earlier. 

There were similar declines for questions about Pichai’s decisions and strategies, his commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the compensation the company pays, according the results, which were viewed by Bloomberg News. Google shares the results with all employees to make sure concerns are heard. This time, 89% of workers took the survey.

Wired reported some of the Googlegeist results earlier on Friday. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment. 

While the survey findings are still mostly positive, the declines are a worrying shift for Google, which prides itself on high employee morale, luxurious working conditions and high pay. If these things are beginning to erode, the company could lose talent to other technology companies, undermining its ability to build new services that drive its profitable advertising business. 

Last year, tension between the company and employees exploded into the public realm. Workers clashed with management on a range of issues, including a lack of benefits for contract staff and the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Thousands of Google staff staged a walkout after a report that the company gave large exit payments to executives accused of sexual harassment. 

Google added new questions to the latest survey, highlighting potential management concerns. Employees were asked if Google responds quickly and consistently to verified cases of proven misconduct. Fifty-three percent responded positively. Staff were also asked if they understand how their compensation is determined, and 56% indicated yes. 

Still, most Googlers aren’t leaving any time soon, with 82% of survey respondents saying they plan to be working at Google one year from now. That was down just 1 percentage point from the previous year. And 86% said they would recommend the company as a place to work. 

Here are some of the other results from the Googlegeist employee survey:
Pichai’s decisions and strategies help Google do excellent work – 75% positive, down 13 percentage points from the previous year.
Pichai demonstrates a visible commitment to diversity and inclusion – 79% positive, down 12 points.
Google has the right priorities – 66% positive, down 13 points.
I’m excited about Google’s future – 78% positive, down 11 points.
Overall, my total compensation is fair and equitable – 59% positive, down 11 points.
My total compensation is competitive compared to compensation for similar jobs at other companies – 54% positive, down 11 points.
At the present time, I am not seriously considering leaving Google – 74% positive, down 2 points. – Bloomberg

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